7 days, 7 songs.

Hi all!


Hopefully you’re interested in music, because that’s what the next post is going to be about.
I really have a thing for music. Songs from the 90’s, all the way back to the 80’s and up till now, it doesn’t matter I’ll listen to basically anything.


So I thought it was a fun idea to share my music taste with you.

Day 1     Michael Prins – These waters.
                This is really my favorite song at the moment, I always love this kind of music.
                But this one gives me the feeling that I understand what this song is about (although I
                actually have no clue what the message is). I always give all I have in this song when I sing
                along. I think I am an actual fan now.


Day 2     Dark Dark Dark – In your dreams.
                About a week ago I started a new series, Thirteen. And they used this song as there intro.
                After the first episode I knew all the words, so everythime I watch an episode it was:
                first singing then watching.


Day 3     Astrid S – Such a boy.
                This is a song with a lyrics that most girls would understand, it is about how some boys are
                really complicated in a relationship. Also a small detail that I like, in the video clip of this song
                a boy has the role to play her boyfriend. That boy was an actor in one of my favorite series,
                SKAM. So that was  a nice surprise when I first saw the clip.


Day 4     Niall Horan – Too much to ask.
                 You probably
already heard this song on the radio, but it’s such a sweet and honest
                song.  I think that it wasn’t at all a bad decision that one direction had there split. Because
                they all make such different kinds of music.


Day 5     Glenn Travis – Feel the love.
                The ace family is a family who make video’s for youtube. Since they uploaded their first video
                I follow them , and it’s such a beautiful family. A few months ago they got engaged and this
                song was at the end.


Day 6     Florence + the machine  - Shake it out.
                This is a song thats is just perfect for when you’re cleaning your room. At least it is my
                favorite , it has the power to give you more energy in some way.


Day 7     Post Malone – I fall apart.
                When I heard his new album I loved it immediately. Especially this song,  I think that this is a
                good break up / heart break song. I don’t have a broken heart, but still I like to listen this


 It’s my plan to make a favorite music list for every week! And post it on my blog in the end of the week.
This week was a bit different because I have the flu, so that’s why it is a bit late!


Hugs and Kisses.

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