7 days, 7 songs.

Hi all!



Hopefully you’re interested in music, because that’s what the next post is going to be about.
I really have a thing for music. Songs from the 90’s, all the way back to the 80’s and up till now,
it doesn’t matter I’ll listen to basically anything.


Day 1     Sam Smith – Pray.
                I find that Sam Smith is really one of the best singers out here now. You can listen to this
                song on his newest album, I must say this one is my favourite on it.  I love that there is a
                choir singing to, I have a weakness for choirs.  


Day 2   The Brahms – Sleep.
                My dad send me this song, we really have the same taste in music. I love what they did with
                the guitars it really gives me goosebumps.


Day 3  Lea Michele – Love is alive.
                When I was in high school I always watched the series Glee. Lea Michele was one of the
                actors in that show. Now she got some songs of her own, and I love this one!


Day 4  Kate bush – Wuthering Heights.
                It is a very old song so it is not weird if you don’t know her. She has a very unique sound in
                her voice, and  that makes her very special. I like how the song builds up.


Day 5  Phil Collins – Against all odds.                      
                This man his voice goes right true my heart. You can’t listen to this song without feeling
                something, I think this is a classic one.


Day 6  Coldplay – Yellow.
                I think that there is not one song that I don’t like of the band coldplay, once again this is a
                keeper. Everything fits so perfect together, his voice, the lyrics and the band.


Day 7 Ben Howard – Promise.
                It has a very long intro but I don’t mind at all! It is a quite song with much impact. But you
                have to find that out yourself.


Hugs and Kisses.

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