7 days, 7 songs.

Hi all!


Hopefully you’re interested in music, because that’s what the next post is going to be about.
I really have a thing for music. Songs from the 90’s, all the way back to the 80’s and up till now, it doesn’t matter I’ll listen to basically anything.


Day 1     Selena Gomez – Wolves.
                Selena Gomez has made a good comeback with this song after her illness. I think every
                person gives his own meaning to this song. She has a great voice and the music video is well
                made, she looks beautiful.


Day 2   Tamino – Cigar.
                In the beginning I like his laidback way of singing with his deep voice. It’s a voice I could fall in
                love with. I don’t think that his voice sounds like magic in everyone’s ears, but I like it.



Day 3  Clean bandit – I miss you.
                This song is like a typical dance song. In the slower parts you can hear all the instruments,
                and they also sparkle in the music video. And can we take a moment to realise how cool she



Day 4  Elske DeWall – Heb het leven lief.
This song was sang in a Dutch tv show, and it immediately gave me goosebumps. It’s about
                how we should love and appreciate our lives. I didn’t know the singer so I shazamed the song
                when I heard it. I think she is a real talent.


Day 5  Vérité – Somebody else.                              
                I stumbled over this song by accident when I had my Spotify on shuffle. I like the meaning of
                this song, she doesn’t know what she wants. Letting go or holding on to what she has.


Day 6  Fleetwood Mac – Landslide.
                Whenever this song comes up I immediately close my eyes. It gives me a warm loving feeling.
                I know the song is old, but that won’t stop me from loving Fleetwood Mac.



Day 7 Riverdale Cast – Out tonight.
                I think the main reason why I love this song is because I am a big fan of the series Riverdale.
                Does anyone know why every actor in America can both sing and dance?


Hugs and Kisses

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