Adventures – A day at the zoo.


Hi all!

At the beginning of 2018 my parents still had a few days of vacation. Because of that we thought to do something fun together. So we went to the zoo in Amersfoort, we all had never been to this zoo before.  It is such a pretty park, there is so much nature , and pretty gardens. I already liked the park even when we didn’t see any animals yet.

I really hoped to see my favorite animals, the giraffe and the elephant. And yes I saw them, and I immediately got in my happy place. They are beautiful and super cute animals! In the elephant spot there were 5 elephants in total and 2 of them were baby’s. I think I never have seen something cute as that. They were so small (for an elephant)! I loved observing the behaviour of the baby elephants. It was beautiful to see how much there love there was between the mother and the baby. Also it was special to see how attached the baby was to his mother and stayed close to her side. Funny was that the other one tried to be an independent elephant and was a little bit clumsy.

Most of the time when a zoo has giraffe’s, they are really far away. But in this zoo I wasn't like that,  I have never been this close. Giraffe’s have an amazingly sweet face, that you want to hug them. Even though I would have no idea how to hug a giraffe.

Ofcorse we have seen a lot more animals but these were the highlight’s of my adventure in the zoo.
And we liked the park so much that we decided to buy a year pass. So now I can see my favorite animals whenever I want!

Disclaimer: I do have to say that I really do not approve putting animals in a cage!
But the people that take care of the animals in this zoo are so kind and caring. You can see that they love the animals with their whole heart.

I do not want to sound like a hypocrite, but I dont think that in this time of living the real nature is a safe place for the animals to live.


Hugs and kisses.

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