7 days, 7 songs.


Hi all!  




Hopefully you’re interested in music, because that’s what the next post is going to be about. 
I really have a thing for music. Songs from the 90’s, all the way back to the 80’s and up till now, it doesn’t matter I’ll listen to basically anything. 




Day 1    LANY – Current location. 
                Besides the fact that this guy has a very attractive voice, I like how touchy this song is. 
                I have never had a long distance relationship, but this song gives you a taste of how it must 
                feel like. 


Day 2    The Weeknd – Cal out my name. 
                This is a typical “I had my heart broken , so I made a song about it” situation. He based this 
                song on the break up with Selena Gomez. I think we all felt this part right in our soul ”
almost cut a piece of myself for your life”.


Day 3    King princess – 1950 
                I never heard of this band before, until they came on the tv. And this one song got stuck in 
                my head because it is so catchy.  I especially like the chorus line.  I can imagine listening to
                this song with my friends while hanging at a lake. 




Day 4    Editors – What is this thing called love. 
                You can already tell that this is a cheesy song by seeing the title, but I am a hopeless romantic
                so I love that. However besides that can we take a moment to appreciate how amazing this
                man’s voice is?  




Day 5    Ariana Grande – No tears left to cry.   
                After what happened in Manchester Ariana had a music break, this is the first song she made
                after that. I think she came back strong and love the song and the meaning of it.




Day 6     Kanye west – Famous. 
                 When you hear this one you can get a little bit confused because the way they composed it.
                 I have a feeling that the parts in the song don’t really fit together, it’s a little bit chaotic.
Day 7    Connor Maynard feat. Harper – One dance. 
                Years ago Connor made his first album and I listened to it non-stop! After that he went
                silence, but he is back now. He has a few covers and what a great voice he has.

Hugs and Kisses.


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