7 days, 7 songs.


Hi all!


Hopefully you’re interested in music, because that’s what the next post is going to be about.
I really have a thing for music. Songs from the 90’s, all the way back to the 80’s and up till now, it doesn’t matter I’ll listen to basically anything.


Day 1  Cynthia Erivo – Fly before you fall
                This song is from the movie ‘Beyond the lights’  (which is definitely recommended). I love the
                part at 2.30 minutes,


Day 2   Oceanship – Hotblack
                When I was a few years younger, I always watched Degrassi on MTV, you could say I was a
                big fan. They always had dramatic season cliff-hangers and this song was played at one of the
                cliff-hangers. Every time I hear this song I remember how one of the characters got shot and
                how heartbroken I was. 


Day 3  Beyoncé – Crazy in love remix
                In comparison to the original this has a totally different vibe, it’s more sensual and way
                sexier. That’s probably the reason why they used this song as a soundtrack for Fifty Shades. Is
                there something Beyoncé can’t pull off?


Day 4  Jasmine V – Didn’t mean it
                I think Jasmine is a badass for making a statement with this song. She used her own personal
                story to show this important matter to the rest of the world and open people’s eyes. I find
                it’s a shame that not enough people have heard this song.


Day 5  Wiz Khalifa – Promises.
                To be honest I never listen to Wiz Khalifa anymore, accept for this song. I just find it has a really
                chill vibe, so when I’m reading or writing for the blog this is the perfect song.


Day 6  The vamps – Wake up.
                The vamps is a cute boyband that has four members. But they can never get away the love
                for one direction, “obviously”. However this song is so catchy , especially the chorus. Just
                singing outloud gives a great satisfaction.


Day 7 Editors – Nothing.
                I think I know this band because of my dad, the always sing and play with so much emotions.
                Something that I appreciate a lot.
Hugs and Kisses.


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