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Hi all!

About a year ago I went to Greece with my lovely mom and dad. When we spent our time there we came across a great makeup shop. Ofcourse I couldn’t handle myself and bought myself some goodies.
In this article I will tell you about the most perfect highlighter and highlighter blush. Since the day I bought it, I almost used it every day! So you might understand that I am dying to go back to that cute little shop, to by myself some more magic face glitter.



I have a little compartment with the highlighter and one with a powder, bronzer and blush highlighter. The powder and bronzer are things I don’t use, especially the bronzer.. I don’t know whose fault it is, the product or mine. I look like a real idiot when I’m wearing it on my face. I find it a real bummer because it really looks gorgeous on other people, however it is not a makeup step that makes me look more bearable.

Then again the blush highlighter makes the whole product worthy to buy. I don't want to sound intense, but it is just perfect! I never have worn some kind of blush. I thought it wasn't worth my time to put it on my cheeks, it never looked cute anyways. This one made me change my whole makeup routine!
It gives you a vere healthy glow and tint. I even wear it on its own, when I'm not wearing any foundation or something. It gives you a simple elegant cheeky glow.

However when I do wear foundation it is the perfect moment to grasp this highlighter out of my vanity. I can’t tell you how long I have struggled to find a perfect highlighter..  Never before I saw a color that looked “okay” on my face, or it was to glittery, what made me look like a disco ball. Or it was to shine, what made me look like I came out of a sauna. Or it was just too expensive for my taste. Until I just impulsively bought this one. When I came home and tried it out, I was amazed.


Well, it will all be fine when we go on a holiday again.


Huggs and Kisses.


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    Sandra (dinsdag, 26 februari 2019 09:16)

    Wat mooi geschreven. �



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