Monthly Favorites - May.




Hvisk bag.
Hvisk is a Danish brand I came across on Instagram. Normally I never buy a coloured bag, however this brand turned my desires for a new bag. I was in doubt for a few months because I didn’t had a clue what color had to choose. Then a weird coincidental moment happened, the brand now sells in the Netherlands, so I had to visit the store ofcourse! Say hello to my new favorite bag, in turquoise!




Collistar Nail polish.
On april 27th was my birthday and one of the presents was this nail polish. Normally I never wear such a boujee brand on my nails. I immediately had the thought “I hope it sucks so I don’t have to buy it over and over again”. However as you may guess, it is now one of my favorites… So thanks again!




Mac Pigment.
Another present I got for my birthday is this Mac Pigment. I have seen it on Instagram and Youtube tutorials however I never tried it myself. So when my sweetest friend gave this to me it was the perfect time to try and hopefully become an “eyeshadow girl”. Honestly it took me a few times to practice because I do not own a steady hand. When I figured out how it worked I became a fan immediately. Wow this color! It kind of looks orange however it looks so flattering, my eyes look much greener. So was it a present I like? YES. It was a surprisingly great gift!




Cluedo – Harry Potter edition.
I think this article might be full of birthday presents only, because here is another present. This one I got from my sister and her boyfriend. My all-time favorite story has to be Harry Potter, Yes I am a Potter head.. ofcourse they know that and omg this has to be my favorite present of all!
Never ever have I played Cluedo before nor did I know what is was. But who cares? IT IS HARRY POTTER!




TOV Necklace.
A few years ago this was the necklace I adored so my parents wanted to give me this for my birthday. I could only find it on the internet, but because I want to see things before I buy them a major search began, with success! This was my favorite necklace until I decided to wear gold only… Bummer! So when I was in the city with my mom I decided to give myself a new necklace to replace the old one, I changed the silver for gold. And guess what? I can finally wear the necklace everyday so that is what I'm doing.

Niki and Gabi.
I love watching Youtube, Niki and Gabi are my new favorite thing I found on the internet.
They are twins and have a channel together and both have a personal one.
They are so talented and creative, what makes it very fun to watch! The twins also make some music and normally I can’t appreciate the "Youtubers making music" (fase). However these girls have catching songs with cool music videos.
So that is fun for me, I have some more watching to do.



I hope you enjoyed this months favorites.



Hugs and kisses!

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