My small Mac lipstick collection.



Hi all!

I love to watch people showing there lipstick collection on YouTube or read about it in a blog.

So I thought I'm gonna show my tiny collection of mac lipsticks.
I only have 5 and they are a bit dark. So if you like light
colours you're not gonna like my collection.


Mehr: Mehr was my first Mac Cosmetics item I ever bought. It is a warm dark pink colour. And it has been absolutely my favorite colour for a long time.


Twig: I think it looks a lot like 'Mehr', but more brownish. So if you are not a pink kind of person, this might be more your thing.


Persistence: This one is just a brown colour, and I understand that this colour is not for everyone an option. I bought this one in the time i dyed my hair dark brown. In that time it looked really natural but now I can't pull it off anymore. So at the moment it is not usable.


Captive: I bought this one also in the time that I had brown hair. It is a warm, purple colour and I still love the colour a lot. I think it's really beautiful, however once again I can't wear it anymore because of my current hair colour. This is a shame, but I like it too much to give it away.


All fired up: My sister gave me this one for Christmas and this one stands out. 'All fired up' follows it's name. It's a bright, pinky, red colour. I only wear this lipstick for special occasions, since it's too bright for daylight.

Hugs and kisses.




From left to right: Mehr, Twig, Persistence, Captive, All fired up.

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