Reviews · september 06, 2020
Hi all! A few weeks ago I was in the city with my mom. We went into the Douglas for a parfume, the lady that helped us had amazing lash extensions. So as curious as I am, I immediately asked her where she had them done. By my surprise she said she did them herself, AT HOME. I was amazed and super enthusiastic by that news. She told me she always buys a small kid from Catrice and that’s it. My mom and I were eager to find that kid that day, and we did! When arriving home I didn’t had the...
Reviews · juni 03, 2019
Hvisk bag. Hvisk is a Danish brand I came across on Instagram. Normally I never buy a coloured bag, however this brand turned my desires for a new bag. I was in doubt for a few months because I didn’t had a clue what color had to choose. Then a weird coincidental moment happened, the brand now sells in the Netherlands, so I had to visit the store ofcourse! Say hello to my new favorite bag, in turquoise!
Reviews · mei 03, 2019
Hi all! This are my favorites of the month April. I hope you enjoy!
Reviews · februari 25, 2019
Hi all! About a year ago I went to Greece with my lovely mom and dad. When we spent our time there we came across a great makeup shop. Ofcourse I couldn’t handle myself and bought myself some goodies. In this article I will tell you about the most perfect highlighter and highlighter blush. Since the day I bought it, I almost used it every day! So you might understand that I am dying to go back to that cute little shop, to by myself some more magic face glitter. I have a little compartment...
Reviews · december 01, 2018
Hi all! After a very long time of staying offline and being very busy with school and other stuff, I thought it was time to get back to the blog-life. So, to start it right I thought it would be a great idea to introduce a new edition to the categories. It will be called: monthly favorites. Starting from now on I will write an article about the things that were my all time favorites of that month. I hope you’ll enjoy it!
Reviews · augustus 09, 2018
Hi all! I have exciting news, I have started one of my first real collaborations! You can say that I’m pretty thrilled about it! I have started a collaboration with the brand ‘Busy beads’. They make beautiful jewellery and sell that on their own website. All their jewellery are handmade, for me that makes the pieces even more special! They sent me three pieces of their collection, that I chose myself. WOW! I chose two necklaces and a pair of earrings. They arrived at my home really soon,...
Reviews · juli 12, 2018
Hi all! A few weeks ago I was in Greece with my parents for a great summer vacation. While there we obviously went to a few shops and when I saw a make-up shop I had to buy something! So I am going to make a couple of articles of the products I bought in Greece , Crete to be precise. In this article I am going to show you a look alike of the kylie cosmetics lip kits. Why is it a look alike ? Well I have to admit I don’t have a lip kit of kylie myself. But I do know what it is and how it...
Reviews · april 16, 2018
Hi all! Every time I enter a drugstore I must go over to the make-up section. When I looked at the Essence make-up stand I saw that they had a new lipstick line. The package immediately took my attention because of the odd shape. I wanted to try out some of the colors but I only liked one of them. The smell of the lipstick reminds me of the MAC lip collection, which I love. Usually when a make-up product has a strong scent I don’t want to have it near me. However, this one I want to put all...
Reviews · maart 26, 2018
Hi all! Last week I went to the movies with my best friend. Before the movie started we went to the Kiko store to fill up time. I bought two lip products, a lip gloss and a lip pencil. Danique made the final decision for me, because i’m that indecisive. I always get a little overwhelmed when I am in the KIKO store. There are always so many customers, and I see so many things that I want to try out. So normally my reaction is to walk out of the store empty handed, but not this time!...
Reviews · maart 04, 2018
Hi all! If you have a social media account you probably have seen the advertisements for bleaching you’re teeth with black powder with no chemicals. It really got my attention, I thought this is too good to be true! But after weeks of seeing it on Instagram and Facebook I decided to buy it. So how does it work? At first you have to make sure your teeth and the toothbrush are wet, then you use the powder to cover your teeth. You just brush your teeth like you normally do with toothpaste. But I...

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