Testing a natural teeth whitening powder.



 Hi all!


If you have a social media account you probably have seen the advertisements for bleaching you’re teeth with black powder with no chemicals.  It really got my attention, I thought this is too good to be true! But after weeks of seeing it on Instagram and Facebook  I decided to buy it. 





So how does it work? At first you have to make sure your teeth and the toothbrush are wet, then you use the powder to cover your teeth.
You just brush your teeth like you normally do with toothpaste. But I have to warn you, the powder is black! The first time I used it, I was covered in black powder, and so was the bathroom. But on the bright side,  it doesn’t smell or taste weird. 


So now the answer to the question I was so curious about. Does it really work? Well it does something , the product makes your teeth look a bit more white and cleaner.  But does it look like the pictures on social media? No.. to get that result I think you have to visit a specialist to bleach your teeth. In the end I must say I like the product! My teeth and mouth feel very clean and it looks nice. Also it is super fun to try it with a friend, because then you don’t have to look like a zombie alone. 

So it was definitely worth the try!

Hugs and kisses.




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