Binge watch worthy series? – Stranger Things.


Hi all!
If you would know me you know how obsessed I am with series and movies. I just can’t get enough of it!
When I love a series or movie I get really emotionally invested in it, and if i tell you about it I will get too enthusiastic.
So you will have to stop me from talking too much, or you will go crazy.
I will try to hold myself together and not give away spoilers!

Everyone that looks on social media from time to time must have noticed the hype around the series, Stranger Things. I have to be honest that I really didn’t want to watch this series, I thought it would be really scary (The, ‘I can’t sleep anymore scary’ kind of way).
But I am so glad I stepped over my fear , and I started watching it with my dad. We really are big fans now! Stranger things has 2 seasons , I can’t wait for the third season. It really is a hard series to explain.  But it is about 4 boys who are best friends and live in the same small town together. But one day one of the friends just disappears. The 3 other friends are going to look for him but when they are in the woods they find a girl. The girl has unhuman powers. From there it gets really interesting! You see more about her earlier life. And you get to understand episode after episode what is happening to their hometown.


I would literally recommend it to everyone!


Hugs and kisses.


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