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Hi all!


If you would know me you know how obsessed I am with series and movies. I just can’t get enough of it! 
So I thought it would be fun to talk about my thoughts and feelings from  what series and movies I have seen. When I love a series or movie I get really emotionally invested in it, and if I tell you about it I will get too enthusiastic. So you will have to stop me from talking too much, or you will go crazy.
I will try to hold myself together and not give away spoilers!

If you have Netflix you would know that they produce their own Netflix originals series and movies. the series travelers is one of their productions. My dad and I always binge watch series together. And we needed a new one so we started watching travelers.

First I really have to say you have to watch the beginning with an open mind. Because it is a really strange first episode.. But after watching a few episodes me and my dad were hooked! I think if I watched the series alone, I would have turned this one off after 15 minutes and started searching for another series. But I am so glad that I didn’t! The series travelers has until now 2 seasons and the second season was in my opinion the best. But now, let’s focus on the story. 

Although the series is based on the present and the future century, they only show the present. The travelers are people from the future, they made a machine where they can go back to this century. But they can’t time travel as there one, but they come in a body that exists now. The person dies and the traveler goes in the body. It sounds really weird and creepy , but trust me when I say that’s not the case. In the show there are 5 people that have the leading roles, they are all travelers and are a team to save the world. That’s the reason they time travelled. Because the time they are living in now is a really bad place to live. And they hope that when they change a lot of things that have happened to the world that they can get a better existing.

It is not something that can happen in this time of science so it is a kind of sciences fiction theme. But that doesn’t has to stop you from watching, if that is not the kind of genre you usually like to watch. 


I hope you get as excited as I was when I watched it!
The last thing I have to say about it: How sweet is David?
I really adore him!


Hugs and kisses


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