Adventures - Harry Styles in the ziggo dome.


Hi all!


Last wednesday I went to Harry Style’s first concert in the Netherlands from  his own tour. He went his own way after the breakup with One Direction and this year his first album came out, so he actually had ten songs to play at his concert, but that didn’t stop me from buying tickets. I went with my mum who only knew the two songs that came on the radio, because of that she wanted to go with me. 


So last week was the moment where I saw Harry Styles for the first time, instead of my dreams. He was even more handsome than I had imagined. But let’s rewind for a bit, before he came on stage there was the supporting act Mabel. I didn’t know the songs she performed, but it sounded nice. When she got to  her last song I finally knew who she was, I have seen one of her video clip on television. 


Then it was finally the moment we had been waiting for, Mr. Styles got on stage. Like always he looked like one of a kind, with his unique style. Throughout the concert I felt like he was completely in his zone and you could see he was enjoying himself, which had a good effect on the crowd. The only thing I didn’t  prepare myself for were all the screaming and shouting of the girls and women around me, because that was a bit too much. I expected to hear ten of his own songs, but to give us a surprise he gave us more. He played a couple of his unreleased songs, which resulted in a two hour show, without a break. I had a fantastic experience, with a nice view, nice music and nice company. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. 


See you next time Harry! 


Hugs and kisses.


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    Ton (maandag, 19 maart 2018 18:57)

    Die foto's zien er leuk uit zo te zien hebben jullie genoten



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