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Hi all!


If you would know me you know how obsessed I am with series and movies. I just can’t get enough of it! 
So I thought it would be fun to talk about my thoughts and feelings from  what series and movies I have seen. When I love a series or movie I get really emotionally invested in it, and if I tell you about it I will get too enthusiastic. So you will have to stop me from talking too much, or you will go crazy.
I will try to hold myself together and not give away spoilers!


One of my favorite genres is most definitely sci-fi, and I am very interested in how people think the future will look. This series has his own way of thinking how it will be for all of us in the future.


The story is about a divided world, there is a normal world (which is 97% of the population) and there is a so called ‘good side’ in that world.
 In the normal world there is not much but angerness and poor people. Once a year there is a chance for the people that turn 20 years  to get to the other side, in other words called the Island. But only 3% will make it through all the tests and will get that better life they have been dreaming of for 20 years. Do you now get why the series is called 3%?

The lives of the people is about winners and losers. If you don’t get to be a part of the 3%, you have to get back to the terrible life you were living. And I can tell you , it didn’t look that great…

I think that the makers of the series really had a good thought about the storyline, but the only thing that was kind of a bummer was that it wasn’t in English. So I really had to put the subtitles on, and actually focus on what they were saying. However, after a few episodes you will get used to that.
The series has until now only one season, and I have a feeling there is more to come.

At least I hope so, because I still have so many questions. And I want to enjoy this series just for a bit longer.


Hugs and kisses.


-- Update: Season 2 is now on Netflix. --

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