Adventures – A week in Crete.


Hi all!

As you can see from the title above I spent a week in Crete with my family.
My parents had their early vacation and wanted to spend their time away from home, so we went to Greece


We stayed in a hotel nearby the beach, close to Réthimnon city and the porte. Everything was on walking distance if you would like that, but we took the bus and taxi. Everyone in the hotel was really friendly and caring. Although I sometimes kind of felt like I was a bit younger than the other tourists, I didn’t mind because everyone was just chilling and relaxing.


Ofcourse we had to see some shopping places! There were some idyllic Café’s and shops by the boulevard, but we also went to Réthimnon city and I loved it! The city has really cute small shops and beautiful old authentic alleys. Even if you didn’t buy anything, it was really pleasing for the eye to just walk and look around.  One night we became a little bit too enthusiastic and took a long walk downtown, whereby we eventually ended up by the locals. You could say we were completely lost. I think that was one of the fun things of the vacation. We met a lot of lovely people who were all very friendly for not laughing at us. We walked passed their houses a few times, looking which way to go. Eventually we have found our way back home, exhausted but also satisfied. 


Third wheeling, but they are the cutest so I didn’t mind!


My vacation in a nutshell: hanging around the pool, taking a lot of siesta’s, trying to get a tan. However the last thing didn’t work out so well. I look back at an enjoyable week that I won’t forget.


I’ve met some cool people and I can’t wait to go back. 


Hugs and kisses!


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    Ton (zondag, 05 augustus 2018 14:13)

    Ik heb ook een fantastische vakantie gehad

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    Sandra (dinsdag, 07 augustus 2018 16:43)

    Waren heerlijke dagen ! Heb genoten.�



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