Adventures - U2 in the ziggo dome.

Hi all,



After years of begging to get a ticket from my dad, I always ended up disappointed.
But after years of waiting and letting my dramatic self wipe away my tears, I got the best surprise ever:
my dad wanted me to go with him to the U2 concert.
So after all, dreams do come true, don’t they?

After months of waiting in excitement, it finally became October 7th. The day I will finally see “the Bono”. I have to be honest, I was a little bit nervous but who wouldn’t be after years of waiting?

I waited some time before the concert began and then I saw him. I knew he was small but I didn’t know he was that small. Although he has a big personality and a great stage vibe. It wasn’t just a concert of U2, it was a true experience with lots of sensations and special effects which I have never witnessed in my life. 

Every once in a while I looked over at my dad and I saw him enjoying and showing off his dance skills,
my dad is a great dancer, kind of.

We had lots of fun and it was definitely a night I will never forget.



Hugs and kisses. 



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    Sandra (vrijdag, 21 december 2018 14:46)

    Super mooi omdat samen met je vader te doen ! En prachtige foto's. ❤

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    Henk (zondag, 23 december 2018 16:00)

    Yes, it was a great concert. Glad you liked or.



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