Movie time - Saving Zoë.

Hi all!


If you would know me you know how obsessed I am with series and movies.

I just can’t get enough of it!
When I love a series or movie I get really emotionally invested in it, and if I tell you about it I will get too enthusiastic.
So you will have to stop me from talking too much, or you will go crazy.
I will try to hold myself together and not give away spoilers!



I came across this movie when I was surfing on a streaming website (don’t try that at home kids).
It got my attention and I am glad I chose this one because “oh man” it did something to me.

In this movie the sisters Marano play the leading roles. Never had I knew that they were also related in real life. The girls both have an acting career on their own, however I never linked the dots between the two.
In this movie they play the sisters Echo and Zoë.  Echo starts her Highschool freshmen year while her sister Zoë has passed away, by murder.
In the movie we find out that Echo didn’t really know her sister that well.
We come across some shocking events which I am going to address later on.

In the beginning I had a strange feeling about the whole movie. Maybe I was tired or kind of bored, I couldn’t keep my head in the storyline. I’m glad I watched until the end. The subject of the movie was the main reason the Marano sisters wanted to act in this movie  (I did some research).

Later on you get introduced in a darker and terrifying twist, Sex trafficking.
We find out that Zoë was a victim of a sex trafficking circuit and got to see some scenes that I rather skipped.

In one of the scenes Zoë gets raped, it made me feel sick in the stomach.
I just wanted to close my eyes and put the sound on mute.


It made me realise we all have to open our eyes and listen closely to the people around us, we must be realistic and not ignore the terrifying reality.


I am not scared to live on this planet.
I am scared for the people that are capable of doing harm to another human being.



Sometimes movies and series can be educative instead of entertaining. I think that this is the best way to describe this movie.




Hugs and kisses.




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