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Hi all!
If you would know me you know how obsessed I am with series and movies. I just can’t get enough of it! When I love a series or movie I get really emotionally invested in it, and if I tell you about it I will get too enthusiastic. So you will have to stop me from talking too much, or you will go crazy.
I will try to hold myself together and not give away spoilers!



My dad and I first watched a war movie so we decided to watch something a bit lightly after.
We chose the movie trolls, well actually I did.. my dad was just sweet enough to agree.
After this I thought it was a great idea to watch it with my 1 year old nephew.
It’s a perfect child movie, lots of colours and fun songs!


I love movies like this kind, very colourful and joyful.
The story is about Poppy and her trolls family, they’re in danger by the Bergen’s. The Bergen’s eat trolls to feel happiness for a slight moment.

Now I think about it, the story is not very kid friendly.. There is this chef lady that used to cook the trolls and she is fricking terrifying.. . I don’t think my nephew was impressed by the creepiness.
However the movie itself was very cute and sparkly besides the creepy part.
Poppy and her friends love singing, dancing , crafting cards and books haha.


One day the chef lady finds the trolls (after them being safe in their new town for years).
She takes a few of Poppy her friends with her and takes them to the Bergen’s king.
Poppy tries to save her friends with a troll friend named Branch who isn’t as bubbly and happy like the rest of them. They do this while singing and dancing to top 40 bops.



When saving their friends and stopping the Bergen’s from wanting to keep eating trolls , they meet Bridget. Honestly Bridget stole my heart! She helped the trolls and Bergen’s to be friends and live happily ever after.


One question:  Can an animated movie  get you in the feels too ? Or is it just me..
I don’t know what it is, but when they put some music in the sad scenes I can literally bawl my eyes out. Well maybe I’m just a pathetic child..
Well… that’s a story for another time ladies and gents.


Hugs and kisses.



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