Mental + physical update.

Hi all,


I never really get into my personal life.. Let’s change that peeps!
For a very long time - years to be exact -  I have been struggling with my chronic body pains + mental health.
For the past years I spent more hours in hospitals and therapies than I can count, I am not depended of the wheelchair nor being stuck at home anymore.  I have to say I’m doing really great now!  Besides the part I still have to live with the constant chronic body pains ( solk ).  So I wanted to try some medical rehabilitation for the last time with the hopes in mind that I will be happier than ever.
Aren’t that some great new year’s resolutions?
I am kinda scared to tell you all about It but I  thought ‘what the heck’.
Even though these three weeks will be intense I thought It would be an awesome idea to keep track of everything I do there and give you all a little insight in my life.

Like a public journal.


It’s been a minute hasn’t it...

How have you been? Hope you are doing amazing and living your best life!
I know I am… Sounds weird to say honestly.
A lot has changed in the past months since I gave my last update.

I’m fully done with my medical rehabilitation. Since then I exercise on a weekly basis, to keep everything in balance. It has been okay, to be fair knowing my pain won’t get any better than this has been a weight that has lifted from my shoulders. So yes, the pain is still here and isn’t planning to go anywhere else. I’m okay with this, I think haha.


It’s has been so weird in my head to realize I don’t need any mental of physical therapy to live my life at an acceptable level. It has kind of become my personal treat being in and out of therapy for the past years. So how do I see myself from now on? When people asked me how I’ve been or what I’m up to, I usually didn’t know what to say. I mean: “thanks! I’m doing great, we are now talking about my trauma’s in therapy.” Isn’t a real socially cool answer. Well that’s changed!

So, what’s new?

What sweet of you to ask! I started a new education last week, I’m studying media & communication in Utrecht. I hope that I found a starting point for my dream future.

At least the people are great!

I’m not going to lie, it brought my anxiety to a next level..

However, this is what I want, so I’m going to stick with it in the best way possible.


My live has changed completely. New sleeping schedule and waking up at a very very early time. No naps included or spending time in bed to load my battery.


For now, it’s going okay.
I will keep you posted!


See you in my next update.


Hugs and kisses,




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